More Snow Fun

Hi everyone,

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow (sing it like Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in White Christmas)! I love snow! As I get older I get a bit more adventurous with my snow activities. This year I actually instigated many a snowball fight with Dad (and even Mom).

The start of a snowman but the snow wasn’t staying together for some reason. Great for snowballs, but not working for a large snowman body.

Hey, where did she come from? And while you can see green under our two big Douglas Fir trees, a few days later it was completely white under there.
Tornado swing (invented by one of my preschool classmates)!! 

 1. Grab a handful of snow. 
2. Try to carry it up to the top of the slide. 
3. Throw it down so it smashes on the slide. 
4. Zoom down through it!  
5. Laugh your head off.

Until next time . . . (when I wrap up my snow adventures)


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