Quack, Quack

Hi everyone,

Who doesn’t like going and feeding the ducks? We have a small pond up on the hill and we often run, walk, or bike up there to pay a visit, offer a bit of bread, and get some pure enjoyment out of God’s creation.

I get the biggest kick out of the ruckus that the ducks will kick up trying to get those teeny (or not so teeny in my case) pieces of bread. They swim all over each other, peck each other with their beaks, squawk in each others ears. It is hilarious! I can’t seem to get enough of it.

Mom says not to mind her closed eyes open mouth since she was talking to Dad and didn’t know he was snapping her picture. She also says not to pay attention to her poochie belly that makes her look like she has been eating too many doughnuts (it’s really too many muffins and slices of bread). Oh, and she says, in case you don’t know why she is wearing a sling it is because she sprained her shoulder when she tripped while running in the dark one morning. There, have I said everything you wanted me to say, Mom? Can I move on now?

Mom thought this one was the prettiest duck out there. Sleek, almost black feathers and a beautiful, mottled dark olive green beak.

And one more shot of me because I’m so cute!

Until next time . . .


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