House of Cardboard

Hi everyone,

Who doesn’t want a 4 room cardboard house sitting in their living room? Well, I can name one person, but I can also name two others that are just fine with it! Before we tossed the boxes that Mom and Dad’s bed came in we decided to have a little fun. Why don’t I take you on a tour of my humble home?

This is the view from the outside at a distance. You will notice Bulls-Eye my horse, Beevo my bull, and Rescue my dog hanging out around the outside. I also have some buffalo horns made of tinker toys over my front door.

Here is a close up on the front door. I did have some paper hanging down, kind of similar to a Japanese cloth on the entry door, but I eventually took that down.

A view of the front entry way and my living room. Notice the portrait of our family on the wall. That was courtesy of Mom. You’ll also notice my cat, Alicia (pronounced A-lee-cee-a) to greet me just inside the door, as well as my lantern so I can see what I’m doing when it is dark.

A close up of our family portrait. I thought it to be a pretty good likeness of us.

My kitchen complete with a pipe stove that went out of the roof.

The proud homeowner!

Artwork courtesy of Dad! It compliments my buffalo horns, don’t you think?

It stayed in our living room for exactly one week. That one member of our family that had a hard time with it decided that she could really only handle it for that long. Our neighbor came over to visit one evening and couldn’t get around it so he had to stand in the doorway; after that she decided that maybe that would be long enough.

It sure was fun while it lasted. And I got to keep my artwork!

Until next time . . .


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