Dad’s Birthday Revisited

Hi everyone,

Wow! Has it already been over a month since Dad’s birthday? I was looking back at some of the pictures that I haven’t posted yet and I was shocked to see these from early March. Leave it up to Mom to hog the computer for grades and report cards and such to cause a boy to get behind in his blogging. I’ll do my best to get you caught up.

For Dad’s birthday breakfast, Mom made cinnamon rolls per Dad’s request. (That one wasn’t a surprise since he always requests these for breakfast, especially special breakfasts.) Next, we brought lunch to Mom’s work and ate in her classroom with her. For dinner we headed out to Anthony’s. This was the first time we visited the one closest to us and it ended up being a beautiful evening timed perfect for the sunset. Of course, the sunset it to the west and we were facing the east, but it was still beautiful.

Here I am enjoying bread and gazing at the boats in the marina.

Mom and Dad’s appetizer with their sunset specials. The salmon on toast was by far the better of the two.

Family shot – I entertained our waitress with a lot of conversation and questions.

This was the first time that I sat and thoughtfully colored the kids menu at a restaurant. Normally I just play with cars or read. Mom and Dad were quite surprised at how long and carefully I colored since this wasn’t usual. I guess you could say this was my birthday present to Dad! 

Walking around the marina after dark, we came across this large compass rose.

Until next time . . .


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