Out and About – Part 1

Hi everyone,
One of our local little mountains has been developing quite the trail system over these past few years. A few weeks ago we went hiking on a few of the trails and had a great time spending a few hours out in the great outdoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Strapping our backpacks on for the hike – Mom didn’t get the memo that the hiking attire was a red shirt and black sweats.

 Pointing the way to the start of the trail.
We decided to take an easy trail to start with and then connect to a trail that would take us up to the top. The second trail was a bit steeper and I have to admit I did ask a few times when we were going to be at the top. Mom and Dad talked to me about building my endurance so I would be ready for some backpacking trips this summer.
Starting out on an easy trail
It’s important to take a rest break every now and then.
 Heading back out on the trail
 Getting to the endurance building part of the hike
To be continued  . . .

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