Redwoods – Part 2

Hi everyone,
We decided to take advantage of the sunny day to get in some hiking. We took a loop trail that got us out into the forest. The only thing was that where we were hiking was also having some issues with flooding. I guess all that rain just had no where to go.
A great example of the flooding we saw. The trail was under all the water so we had to take the higher ground next to the trail. Dad said if we weren’t out in the middle of no where he would have thought a water pipe burst.

 Don’t we look like teeny tiny people next to these trees!
 Now look at us! We look like ants!
 Mom and Dad thought this looked pretty neat with one large tree and the two smaller trees next to it.
 How do you think the bark twists like that?
 And finally one with mom, just to document that she really was with us!
 To be continued . . .

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