Two Wheel Wonder

Hi everyone,

We interrupt the posting of our regularly scheduled spring break adventures of the Redwoods to share this HUGE accomplishment:

I am officially a two wheel bike rider!!! 

I started riding my Skut bike about a year ago, right after Christmas when I was 4. The Skut bike is different from a regular bike because it doesn’t have petals. It is supposed to teach me balance before I worry about pedal power. I think it must have worked because I can now ride my pedal bike and I didn’t have to have any training wheels at all! Just a few lengths of the house with Dad standing close by and I was good to go!!

After the first day (which the pictures above are of) I announced that I was ready to ride over to Costco and run errands with Mom and Dad on their bikes. They convinced me that until I know the rules of the road I probably won’t be riding with vehicle traffic any time soon, but that should take no time to learn. I already pretty much know how to drive, remember.

I could barely sleep Sunday night since I had such an eventful afternoon and evening. Then I woke up on Monday and it was all I could talk about. I couldn’t wait to tell my preschool friends! I came home and couldn’t even rest because I was so excited about getting back on my back that afternoon. When Mom got home from work we loaded my bike into her bike trailer and I rode on my trail-a-bike so we could get over to the long concrete trail that goes through the middle of town. I biked the whole length of the trail and back all by myself. I wanted to go ride it again today but it was raining this afternoon. I’ll have to look for patches without rain so I can get out there and practice my skills!

Until next time (where I will take you Easter egg hunting, then tiptoeing through the tulips, then back to the redwoods) . . .


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