Redwoods – Part 4

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long. We have had a lot going on here and updating my blog has not been high on the priority list. In fact, it’s this type of thing that makes me wonder if this is coming to the end of an era. I’m torn. I guess I’ll finish posting the Redwoods pictures and then decide whether or not this blog’s time has come.

Anybody else ever driven through a tree? Yep, you heard that right, through.



Mom documenting our stop at Starbuck’s and me wanting to pose with my new helicopter.

This is “Big Tree” – it doesn’t look that much bigger than some of the other ones but it is one of the biggest ones that they have cordoned off for people to easily visit.

Our hike on the Cathedral of Trees path yielded a lot of giants. We were amazed at this huge tree that fell in the middle of two other huge trees!

One more post to wrap up the Redwoods!

Until next time . . . 


One thought on “Redwoods – Part 4

  1. Oh i hope you really dont mean it… I love looking at the pictures and being able to keep up with you all!!! Please don't go :(I would miss you…

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