Redwoods Wrap Up

Hi everyone,

Well, this is it for the Redwoods, I believe. So many neat, neat, neat things to see on our spring break trip and I don’t know that we have visited the water yet in this recap.

Heading up the bluff to the ocean . . .

And over the other side we go!

Taunting the surf!

Mom bundled up against the breeze.

Dad and I playing that this is my boat and we have to hurry up and jump on when the water comes up.

If you can see the rock in my hands you will know what I was hefting off my ship!

A cool rock that Dad found and decided to use to frame Mom.

One last toss of the buoy.

The Redwoods was a fantastic trip! I’m sure you are glad that I am done with my onslaught of pictures!

Until next time . . .


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