Fishing Derby

Hi everyone,

Ahhhhhh, the collective sigh now that we can move on from our Spring break vacation and onto more current things. Or maybe I should say somewhat current.

At the beginning of May, right before we headed out for Vancouver for Mom’s half marathon, we went over to the local pond for a kids fishing derby. I was super excited to get to try out my new fishing pole and I wasn’t even ruffled by the fact that it was raining. We all threw on our raincoats and headed out. Hindsight being what it is we should have totally thrown on our rainboots too! It was so mucky that a little girl slipped and got covered from head to toe in mud, and all she was trying to do was get to the prize tent to claim her raffle prize.

We tried scoping out a spot around the lake. All, and I mean ALL, of the spots that had something resembling a patch of land right next to the lake were snatched up already. And not just by kids either. I mean, it’s only a KIDS fishing derby, but you had parents standing there that wouldn’t budge an inch. Not even for a cute, little 5 year old who just wants to catch his first fish. So we had to go way over to the far end of the lake where there were reeds and marshes. Not the best place for fish. While Dad figured out a spot where I could stand on a log or something so I wasn’t in the water I impatiently danced around and Mom stood further up on the grassy bank, freezing and snapping pictures. 

Finally, I was able to cast in my line. Oops, there goes the power bait in the water. Second cast. Oops, there goes the power bait in the water. Third cast. Oops, there goes the power bait in the water. I guess I’ll need to get the power bait that looks like marshmallows and not just the goop that you stick on your hook. That and I’ve realized that I need a weight to pull the hook down into the water. That would be helpful.


We stood there for about 5 or 10 minutes, decided that it really was a bust and that we could come back another time when it wasn’t so crowded. We did spot some beautiful eggs in a nest down in the reeds. Too bad the babies inside won’t ever be hatching since momma was no where to be found. Most likely she was scared off by all of the activity of the morning.

Until next time . . . (and I promise it won’t be too long because I actually have some stuff ready to go)


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