Two Months Ago

Hi everyone,

Mom was looking through my pictures and realized that I never posted these from a few months ago. Not sure why. They must have gotten stuck in the wrong folder on the computer or something. I mean, come on, it’s not so easy for a 5 year old to navigate around the computer so they should really make sure stuff is organized and clearly marked. Right?

Adventuring at REI. We went down to look at sleeping pad covers so Dad would know what he wanted to order with his coupon. I played around and acted like a monkey on the cable ropes.

Then I discovered that they have a new kids play area. It is super cool with a huge tree house with slides and nets and tunnels! They also had a toy tent to crawl in and over and a kayak. I was pretty excited to see this new area and to play in it while Mom continued her never ending quest for a decently priced decent quality pair of kids shoes for me.

This is just one more of my creations. I am constantly designing and building creations out of my blocks, tracks, and other building toys. Future architect? Future engineer? Who knows?

Or maybe a future artist? This is me standing in front of a portrait I drew. Not sure why there are five people. I guess it wasn’t a portrait of our family. I was pretty proud though. Now I’m really into drawing and I have moved on to boats and planes. One of these days I’ll have to show you those.

Same portrait but I added a train track down in between the third and fourth person if you are counting from the left. Do you see it there, all twisty? Mom thought it was a remote control (not sure why I’d draw one of those though since I’ve never really seen one).

Until next time . . .


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