Happy Half Birthday to Me!

Hi everyone,

It seems that Mom and Dad started something last year with making a big deal out of my half birthday. Of course I can’t be expected to not have a good half birthday this year, right, especially when they hold over my head that now I am 5 1/2 so I should start doing this and stop doing that. For instance, I have been put on notice that when I turn 6 years old I will begin eating salad, therefore I have half of a year to get myself ready for it. You know how it is.


To mark this half birthday I was able to pick out a cupcake at the local bakery and we put my bunk beds back together! Yes, super exciting! Not only do I have my bunk beds back but I get to sleep on the top bunk and use the bottom bunk for my play area. Woot woot!

Until next time . . .


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