Over Achiever

Hi everyone,

I am such an over achiever! For our last preschool show and tell they call it a VIP share time and we can bring in anything that we want to share. We can show a collection, teach our class how to make something, bring in a pet or a sibling, really just about anything.

I decided that I wanted to bring in Najia. But I didn’t want to just bring in Najia, I also wanted to bring in a poster to show kids the type of bones that are in a dog. Bones were a main topic for me but I also wanted to print out a picture of a boxer and then color it to match Najia. Then I decided that I wanted to show some pictures of the dogs that Mom and Dad have had over the years. Mom whipped up some dog bone sugar cookies and stuck them on top of cupcakes and we were good to go.

Yes, we feel casual enough around here to do our school work in our underwear. Okay, maybe it’s just me that does, but that’s how I roll. Here I am getting glue on the back of my colored picture. Mom showed me how to make a box around the edges and then an X in the middle and I followed her directions to a T.


Mom thought it was hilarious because I was so exacting about where I wanted the pictures to be. I made sure that my papers were an equal distance from the edge of the posterboard, the dog pictures had to be in chronological order, and they had to overlap as little as possible. I was super proud of my work and excited to share it at school.

Mom and Dad decided to have me go out with a bang for snack because at the beginning of the year my teacher said they would really not like us to bring in red or purple juices or chocolate frosting because of the carpet. Well, Mom used chocolate frosting on my cupcakes and Dad bought red colored grape juice for my drink. Oops! I guess they really wanted to try their hand at being preschool rebels.

Until next time . . .


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