Up, Up and Away

Hi everyone,

We headed over to Walla Walla for the Hot Air Balloon Stampede. It was awesome! I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures over these next few posts because there are so many balloons to share. The weather was beautiful and the balloons were magnificent!

Mom took off work on Friday so we headed down to pick up Grandma and hit the road to drive across the state. It was a long ride but it went by pretty fast. Mom read a book, we stopped for treats, things went pretty smooth. We actually stayed about an hour south of the stampede in a state park in Northern Oregon. It was a beautiful area up in the blue mountains. After a campfire dinner and a good night sleep we woke up and headed out for Walla Walla. Too bad we were too late! No, really. We pulled into the fairgrounds at about 11:00am which was just in time for the end of the fun run but way past time for the balloon take off. I guess we didn’t really know what it meant when it said take off was at 6:30am.


The festival was fun. I got to see Ronald McDonald and eat a foot long corndog! While I was partaking of my fair food goodness we heard what sounded like a balloon being aired up. Lo and behold, across the field there was a balloon being inflated. I made a bee line straight for it. While watching we realized there was a line forming. Mom asked what the line was for and we found out that they were taking kids up in the balloon. Not too far off the ground, but still up in the air. I hopped right into line!

After that we headed back to the campsite where we roasted some brats and marshmallows and tooled around. I put some more miles on my bike and we were able to see all of the campground. I went to bed fairly early since we had to get up at 4:40am so we could leave at 5:00am so we could be there by 6:00am in time for the balloon take off at 6:30am. Whew!

Until next time . . . (and get ready for an onslaught of balloon pictures)


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