Bay View Camping

Hi everyone,

It’s been how many years that we have lived in our little town and we have never camped at the state park that’s really close to us? There is a rationale, I’m sure. Mom and Dad said that it’s because we live so close that we never think to go camping there. Well, no more. We had so much fun that we are ready to reserve our spot there for the next Memorial Day weekend, and maybe even Labor Day.

It was nice to be close to home since Mom is close to the end of the school year and didn’t want to be stressed out by going too far away. The camping spot we stayed in was right on the paved loop so that was great because I could go ride my bike around the loop with the new friends I made and Mom and Dad could watch me from a distance. I think we might pick a different spot on the loop next time though just because we were in front of the extra vehicle parking.

I probably should explain these next two pictures to you so you know what is going on. You see, I have this little engineering mind and I am ALWAYS coming up with plans for how to do things. At this particular time I got it stuck in my head that I should make a way to entice dogs that walked by our site so I could catch them. Mind you, they are walking by with their owners and under pretty good command, but when I get it stuck in my head it’s hard to change my mind. So anyway, I rigged up Najia’s bone at the end of a leash and tied the leash to the cooler so I would have something weighted down. Then I set up my chair next to it to watch and wait. I had a couple of dogs who looked interested but their owners wouldn’t let them check it out.

I’m sure you can see that I have an interested dog back behind me, but I’m not paying any attention to her. I’m trying to catch dogs! I sat out there for a while and no dogs went by. A bit later I came up with a grander plan to entice them. I borrowed one of Dad’s shoes and leaned a seat pad up against it so the dogs could see the picture on the seat pad because I thought they would be intrigued by the purple husky.

Unfortunately no dogs were interested. I was pretty bummed. Instead we rode our bikes down to the interpretive center and the beach. You can see the tide was out. There were two boys down there having a mud fight. Yuck!

Until next time . . .


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