Glacier National Park – Lake McDonald Area

Hi everyone,

Glacier National Park is a pretty awesome place! As I mentioned earlier, we pulled into our campsite at about 1am. Thank goodness that there was no one else around the area we were staying otherwise we would have disturbed their rest for sure. We managed to get a site down by the river at a Bible camp just outside of Glacier, in Hungry Horse to be exact. It gave us a great base camp to operate out of and we had full hook up for about the same price as staying in the park dry camping.

That first morning we slept in a bit and had a relaxing morning. We spent some time coloring and drawing before we headed into Kalispell to pick up a few more missing supplies and replace our actual rubbermaids so we could organize our stuff.We ate dinner at a saloon that had sawdust on the floor. I was a bit unsure at first because it was pretty loud but once you got used to it it was kind of fun.

The second day we decided to head into the park so we could get the information needed to plan the rest of our trip. Ice cream cones in Apgar, checking out Lake McDonald Lodge and the fleet of red buses that you see all over the park gave us our first adventures. I saw these red buses everywhere and really wanted to go for a ride on one but the tours were expensive and the shortest one was 3 hours long. They are all over the park though so it was fun to keep an eye out for them.

Our first scenic viewpoint stop was at McDonald Falls. All the water was rushing pretty fast since it was still early in the snow melt season. You definitely wouldn’t want to fall in this river! The ranger at the station said that the biggest cause of death was by drowning when people get too close to the edge of the waterfalls and rivers and then slip on the dirt or rocks and fall in.

I’ll definitely live up to my warning from the last post, you know the one where I told you to be prepared for picture overload. Right now though, I’m going to wrap this up since the next set of pictures go together. See you in a few days!

Until next time . . .


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