One of those Big Deal Things

Hi everyone,

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting of Glacier National Park recap to bring you a very special announcement. I HAVE LOST MY FIRST TOOTH! Yessiree, it has been wiggly for quite a while but I finally wiggled it out. Let me tell you a little about the whole experience.

Like I said, it’s been wiggly for a while. I woke up this morning, a bit early I might add, and told Mom right away that my tooth felt extra wiggly. Mom told me to check with Dad because she can’t do wiggly teeth. At all. Dad told me that he could wiggle it out for me but I wasn’t quite ready for that. Instead I sat for about an hour and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled it. Finally it came out right in my fingers! I was super surprised at how big the hole in my mouth was and how small the actual tooth was.

I put it under my pillow even though I told Mom and Dad that I already knew there was no tooth fairy that it was really them. They weren’t sure who filled me in on that one but they didn’t say much in confirmation.

Until next time . . .


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