Glacier National Park – Going to the Sun Road

Hi everyone,

Do you know how hard it is to pick out pictures of Glacier? I know you probably think I have these posts stacked with photos but there are so many more in the file that we didn’t have room to post.

We woke up the morning of our second day to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. We couldn’t believe how different the peaks looked without the cloud cover. Gorgeous!

The plan was to drive all the way across the Going to the Sun Road and to go up to the northeastern section of the park (not up into Canada though because we didn’t bring our passports) where we would spend the day checking out the trails and going for a hike or two. We left super early in the morning and the road was breathtaking!

Heaven’s Peak

Gorgeous shot of the valley – you can see the river and the road.

That waterfall that looks so tiny but it was really huge!
Up at Logan Pass – What a difference a day makes!

This peak is Heavy Runner. We couldn’t figure out how the name fit but when we went on a boat tour a few days later we found that many peaks (and other landforms) are named for members of the Blackfeet tribe.

Look at those peaks peeking up (do you like that play on words) behind the Many Glacier Hotel.
In my next post I’ll actually take you on our first hike! Until next time . . .

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