Glacier National Park – Iceberg Lake Going Up

Hi everyone,

After we finished our first hike to Red Rock Falls we headed back to our base camp (aka the truck) and had our lunch. We decided to tackle a bit more aggressive trail for our second hike. It was only supposed to be 2.5 miles up to Ptarmigan Falls but Mom decided that we really should do a longer hike and make the trek all the way up to Iceberg Lake. The description at the trailhead was enough to make us decide to head up to the amphitheater with the 3,000 foot high walls!

Again, the obligatory picture at the trailhead sign.

Figuring out how to keep our shoes as dry as possible for the duration of the hike.

More glorious views!
 Do you see the moose? It was our first wildlife spotting on this hike. He is down in the lower middle of the picture, by the curving meander in the river. Mom and Dad weren’t sure if I could see him but when I asked if it was the thing that looked like a table they knew I had spotted him. What, those tall legs and the flat backed body looked like a table from that far away!

The upper portion/bridge of Ptarmigan Falls

The first view of the spectacular amphitheater!

The waterfall looks so small in this picture but it really was quite large. This is all the way across the valley and it was really super loud, even where we were standing.

Getting closer to the amphitheater

Had to cross quite a few snow fields. For the first few Mom and Dad rigged up a 550 cord attached through my belt loops and each one took an end. This particular snow field didn’t have a drop off so they let me walk unattached!

There’s Iceberg Lake! Can you see it hidden under the snow? This is actually the lower portion. There is also lake above that small ridge of rocks in the middle of the picture.

Beautiful sun rays on the walls of the amphitheater.

More walls!

Looking back to the other side of the valley.

Look at that beautiful clear water! It was neat to see the snow under the water.
 Not the most flattering picture but I thought it was pretty cool to see the walls so high behind us!

A plane! We really aren’t in the middle of no where!

I’ll have to finish our hike in the next post because this already has WAY too many pictures!

Until next time . . .


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