Glacier National Park – Iceberg Lake Going Down

Hi everyone,

You can see that Mom and Dad decided to try a new method of carrying me over waterways and snow fields. Instead of tying a 550 cord to my belt, Dad just picked me up and carried me like a sack of potatoes!

The mighty amphitheater as we were heading back down, looking back from across the valley.

Ptarmigan Falls – This is where I had my break down and couldn’t walk another step. After 10.5 miles I was done. Shoulder ride from Dad, piggy back ride from Mom. They traded me off every 300 steps and I walked 100 steps on my own in between each trade. We managed to make it back down the mountain by dinner time!

Big horn sheep on the rocks! Too bad Mom didn’t bring her telephoto lens.

Another moose! Again, no telephoto lens so it is hard to see him. He is in the middle of the pond.

Johnson Glacier – One of the few glaciers that are left. I’m told that all glaciers will be gone by 25.

Gorgeous view, heading back down the Going to the Sun Road at sunset.

Waiting for our turn on the one lane roadway.

Who can complain about the wait with views like these!

Until next time (when I take you on a boat ride) . . .


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