Glacier National Park – Two Medicine Lake

Hi everyone,

After our big hiking day we decided that it would be nice to take it easy by going on a boat ride on Two Medicine Lake. We took Hwy 2 and skirted around the southern boundary of the park instead of going across the Going to the Sun Road and then coming back down. Much quicker and it gave us new scenery to enjoy. A bonus, it was a gorgeous day with equally gorgeous views! 

Wait a minute. I thought you said this was an easy day and there was no hiking. I guess not cause that looks like a hike.

Yep, heading out to Twin Falls. Bear territory central. We didn’t see any but it was definitely the place to see them if we were going to. Oh, did I tell you that after we got back from our hike up to Iceberg Lake the ranger told us that particular trail was called “Grizzly Bear Alley”? Wish I would have known that before heading out for my hike. Anyway, back to Twin Falls.

Another hiker let Mom borrow his wide angle lens so she could get both falls in one frame. That was pretty nice of a stranger to loan out his wide angle lens.

 Guess the hoof print. Does this look like what I think it does? Mom and Dad think it was a moose print.

What, the hike isn’t over yet? Nope, on to Upper Two Medicine Lake. More snow fields to traverse and beautiful views to see.

I don’t know if you can see them but just a little below the exact center of the picture below you can see a small white dot. That is a mama mountain goat and her little teeny tiny baby! It was amazing watching them walk all over the side of the rocks and the baby following right after the mama.


Until next time when I show you another waterfall . . .


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