Glacier National Park – Polebridge and Bowman Lake

Hi everyone,

We chose to make our last trip at Glacier up to Polebridge and Bowman Lake. It really is out in the middle of nowhere but so beautiful that it shouldn’t be missed. The road up has a large burn area, very different from the east side of the park. There also was a cute little coffee shop/bar that we stopped at in what felt like the middle of nowhere. The owners must have felt that way too because they talked our ears off. The one cool thing was a black bear that went loping across their gravel area just as we were leaving.

Polebridge is one of the ranger stations where I could do my Jr Ranger booklet turn in. The rangers there (and bikers waiting out a rain storm) got a kick out of me. I even stumped the ranger with one of my questions!

This little lady was not phased by us at all. She stood there eating, meandered across the trail, stopped for a picture.


 This young buck still has fuzz on his antlers.
 He didn’t want to stick around for long.

Glacier National Park has finally come to an end. I sure hope that you enjoyed seeing our pictures because I know we sure had fun on our trip!

Until next time . . .


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