Couer d’Alene Camping

Hi everyone,

Wow! August 3rd was the last time I talked with you, really? It’s amazing how quickly time flies. I still need to finish up telling you about some awesome camping trips we went on in the month of July and then move onto our trip to Disneyland that wrapped up our summer vacation. Let’s get to it since I have so much to tell you about.

We had a roaring fire the first evening that we arrived. As we were getting ready for bed we had the largest hail we’ve ever seen. What am I saying? I didn’t actually see it because I slept through the whole thing amazingly enough. Mom and Dad say it was super loud on the trailer and really good sized. Mom thought it even looked like it had snowed because it came down so fast and covered the ground.


Meet Ham the Ram. Ham, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Ham. He is the thing I chose to get to remember Glacier National Park. Isn’t he cute?

I will tell you more, I promise. Right now I have to help get the trailer packed so we can start heading home from Disneyland. In a couple of days you will see the “fun” we had at Silverwood. Yes, fun is in quotes because I’m not sure fun was had by all, but you’ll hear about that in a few days.

Until next time . . .

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