Hi everyone,

We should be just getting home from our trip to Disneyland as I type this, but I’m going to tell you about a different theme park right now. Have you ever been to Silverwood? This was our family’s first time going there and I’m not sure how often we’ll be going back.

Even though it was July 4th timeframe the weather wasn’t great. We ended up wearing our rain ponchos for the first part of the day and having to work around the thunder and lightning and wind. The second half of the day the rain stopped and we were able to take off our ponchos, but the wind never stopped and it didn’t warm up enough to venture over to the water park side. Let me take you through our ride adventures!

Antique Car Driving 101
Look at that concentration!
I think Dad has found his spinning, diving, rolling ride partner!

The only character at the park, besides me that is!

Look at that guy who is after me!

Tongue out = High levels of concentration

Dad on one of his many solo rides.

He’s WAY up there!

Another solo – I did ride another roller coaster with him but it went upside down and I didn’t want much to do with roller coasters after that.

Dad on the wooden coaster and he road the green and blue machine in the background. One of the freakiest rides for him so that is saying a lot.

I’m after another plane just ahead of me! It was a girl who I was trying to match my altitude with.

Getting a kick out of Dad being a goofball! Pretty tame after his Panic Plunge from earlier in the day.
Hard to see her in the dusk but yes, Mom did come to Silverwood!

Until next time . . .


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