What, 4th of July now?

Hi everyone,

This will wrap up our camping trip from the end of June and early July. I can’t believe I am just now posting about 4th of July at the end of August. Yikes!

We biked the trail that runs across a good chunk of Idaho. What a great trail! It was paved, right next to the water, beautiful views. What’s not to love about it? It even had an old trestle on it. Can you see it in the second photo? It’s not really the original trestle, but it used to be a real trail trestle. Pretty cool!
I rarely have my own ice cream cone. For some reason I’m just not a huge fan of them, but I finally was able to have my very own. And what did I pick? A cake cone with chocolate ice cream. Nothin’ fancy folks, just plain and simple for me!

Dad and I did a little off roading while Mom took the real road back to the campsite. She caught up with us (waited for us is more like it) as we were coming off the trail.

And finally, 4th of July! The campground hosted a kids’ bike parade. We decorated our bikes and helmets and the host played some patriotic music on a boombox while we biked around the campground. It was pretty fun, but it sure was hard to stay behind the guy carrying the flag!

Until next time . . .


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