Skagit Valley Bike Trip

Hi everyone,

We took three overnight bike trips this summer. The first was just around the valley. It gave us a chance to see how it would go with the gear and trailer and me. It went pretty well, I thought. How about if I mostly just show pictures? That’s pretty much what I do anyway, right?

The traditional “before you go” photo

This poor possum! We thought it was strange to see him out during the day, but when we got a look at him we kind of figured out why. We think he was recently hit by a car. He was missing his tail! The poor guy. He crawled into the taller grass and Mom though she heard him crying as we rode away.

Snack break at a local farm. They mostly grow beautiful flowers, but they also have fruits and veggies too.

Our awesome valley!

Two awesome dudes!

Lunch break! Will I ever learn to wipe my face while eating? That is the million dollar question.

Family shot at the campsite

Gorgeous sunset

Isn’t he cute? And you’ll never guess. He too was missing his tail! Really! I’m serious! We don’t know what was up with wild animals on this trip missing tails, but it is the truth.

Coming a little too close for his comfort before hightailing (oops, no tail), er, running away!

A morning game of yatzhee, anyone?

Ahhh, more beautiful valley!Before heading out on our return leg we had to fix a flat on the trailer that Mom was pulling. What bike adventure is complete without a flat tire to fix?

Until next time . . . when I tell you about our second bike trip!


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