North Border Loop

Hi everyone,

Our second biking trip was almost not to be. We arrived at the state park where we were leaving our truck and had a campfire that evening.

When we woke up in the morning there was a steady rain. I mean, a STEADY rain. Dad wanted to throw in the towel, Mom said we should push through. Once our gear was all packed up she thought about just tossing everything in the truck and heading home, but as you can see, we persevered. We are so bundled up we are barely recognizable, huh. This was before my rain pants went on. Why aren’t they on in this picture like Dad’s, you ask? Because my rain pants ended up being a large black plastic garbage bag that I “sat” in on my bike. It was tied around my waist and my feet were in either corner. It wasn’t super comfortable because I couldn’t stretch out my legs, but it did keep me dry which was the intent.

Stopping in Birch Bay. Still bundled up, but it was pretty much done raining by this time. We had just finished fixing a flat on Mom’s bike. Yep, that’s right, another flat. Last trip it was the bike trailer, this time Mom’s back tire.
No explanation needed!
We rode by these guys and they all came trotting up to the fence (besides the cow that is). It was almost like they were animals for a petting zoo or something. Such a variety, a few miniatures, and really strange horns on the cow.
Really, I am a Betz. My mom and dad really are my parents. Why do I make this statement? Because while my parents were eating ice cream I requested carrot sticks. I think there was some question about whether I was a member of this family so I just wanted to clearly state that I am.
Stopping for lunch in Lynden during the Raspberry Festival. Enjoying a sandwich after finishing some poffertjes that we can only partake of a few times a year.
Listening to some tunes while reading my magazine. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Until next time . . . when I take you on our final bike trip!


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