Mountain Loop Highway (Days 1 & 2)

Hi everyone,

Our third and final overnight bike trip was our longest of the summer, 4 days of riding. It got us thinking about biking the Pacific coast next summer. Hmmmmm, maybe, just maybe.

Heading out from our home town
We happened upon a farm where an alpaca had been born about an hour earlier. He hadn’t even stood on his own yet. Isn’t he so cute?
Stopping for a snack at the one gas station town of Bryan
Ahhhh, of course we got a flat. Let’s see, the first ride was the trailer. The second ride it was Mom’s bike. This time, Dad’s bike.
Racked out after biking 34 miles in one day.
Beautiful views heading out on our second morning.
How would you love that to be your backyard?
A late afternoon nap. Totally racked out after biking an extra 10 miles that we didn’t plan into our route.
Mom and Dad decided that because this was a longer ride we could take along the little cooler so we had some fresh produce and salad fixin’s. A salad tastes so good after eating beef jerky and trail mix all day. Of course, I wouldn’t know that because I don’t eat salads yet but it’s what I hear.
The campground (deserted except one other empty tent) felt a little weird with no one else around.

Until next time . . . when I tell you about the last two days.


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