Mountain Loop Highway (Days 3 & 4)

Hi everyone,

Our four day trip was a bit long so I though I’d split it into two different posts. Our third morning was the BEST leg of the journey! It was a beautiful morning.

–          –          –          –          –

Wow, for it being our best leg I sure didn’t get far. I promise to finish this up in the next few days and get on with our lives. 🙂

 –          –          –          –          –

Okie-dokie! I’m finally back at it. Amazing, huh. Let’s see if my memory serves me as well as Mom and Dad say it does.

Mom loves this picture. The morning of our third day, standing around our campsite, eating quiche lorraine scones. What’s not to love?
Our short little jaunt on Powerline Road. Fitting name, don’t you think? We ended up bumping off this “side road” pretty quickly. It was supposed to get us off the main highway but it was so bumpy that it was taking longer than just riding on the highway shoulder.
Beautiful tree lined highway with very little traffic!
Mountains peeking out from the tree line.
Coming . . .
 . . . and going!
A little rest time wrestling!
The final leg of the journey.
A few clouds, but no rain.
A quick break before pedaling on down the road.
What’s this? A truck? A tarp? Oh, you are looking for a key because you decided to leave your keys at home when you headed out on the road four days ago. Can we be found?

Until next time . . .


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