Catching Up – Seafair

Hi everyone,

I think I’ve finally found some time to get caught up on some posts. I have a few more things to post from this summer and then finally I will be able to post some real time stuff. Of course, we have to have interesting real time stuff to post, but maybe if I get caught up that means we’ve actually had some time to do stuff worthy of posting about!

We met Grandma and my cousin down in the big city for Seafair. I was pretty excited because we were able to ride light rail. That was one of the most exciting things that day! We also saw planes, helicopters, and boats. It was a transportation extravaganza!

Riding an articulated bus for the first time.

One of the stunt planes that performed in between hydro heats. Sorry it’s so small but Mom didn’t have her zoom lens.

The bigger hydros were not until the next day so we only got to see the minis race around the lake.

My little lego-ish hydro and driver.

Sneaking into the water. Farther . . .
. . . and farther, until I’m sitting and making Mom and Dad extremely nervous.

The magnificent Blue Angels! Yes, the planes are small but that is because they are WAY up there. And they were LOUD!!

We went down into the pits to see a few of the big hydros. They were lifting them into the water for the races the next day.

It was a LONG but exciting day! Boy, you would think that I am learning how to use all caps or something to emphasize my words.

Until next time . . . (and I already have a post ready so you can really check back in a few days for an update about something new)


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