Pumpkin Pickin’

Hi everyone,

I know, I know. October has come and gone and my pumpkin post now seems past due. It’s really not though because my pumpkins are still sitting on my front porch. They are rotting, but they are still sitting there!

We hopped out to the pumpkin patch this year in between rain storms and after Mom got off of work. Instead of taking a weekend day (we ended up going east of the mountains for leaves instead) we had to try to squeeze it in before dark on a school day. It worked out okay, but it sure got cold. We didn’t spend a lot of time actually in the patch because no one decided to bring gloves. This year was a “get in and pick quick and get out” kind of experience.

I don’t think this picture really shows my height gain in the last year. I am standing further away from the sign so it looks like I am the same height as last year. Mom and Dad can attest to the fact that I have gotten taller!
Ahhhh, this is heavy! (By the way, this is my third pumpkin to pick up. The other two I picked up and proceeded to drop on the ground so I decided not to pick those.)
Evidence that we ran out there after Mom got off of work. Skirt and tights and dress shoes and all!

Until next time . . . (when I show you what happened to our pumpkins)


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