Pumpkin Carvin’

Hi there,

So on to the carving! I started by drawing my pumpkin’s face on a sheet of paper. I then traced my design onto my pumpkin. Dad and I worked together to get the face carved. I really wanted to try to carve on my own but I just couldn’t seem to get the knife moving smoothly in the pumpkin in a method that Dad was comfortable with. Dad ended up being the family carver. We all drew our faces and Dad did the actual carving. Pretty good deal, I’d say!

Even the dog is wanting to get into the carving session!
Overseeing the carving operation. I made sure to school Dad when it looked like he was cutting my mouth wrong. It turns out he was doing just fine but it was touch and go there for a minute!
 Ahhh, the final results! Can you tell designed which pumpkin?


Until next time . . .


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