Fall Porch Pictures

Hi everyone,

Well, it looks like our move over to a new address went pretty seamless. There will be little formatting things to get used to but for the most part it has been very easy to figure everything out.

We went and took family pictures a few weeks ago. Actually, to be exact it was on Veteran’s Day. Well, to be even more specific it was on the day we observed Veteran’s Day. I guess to be even more specific it was on the day that every school except mine observed Veteran’s Day. Yes, I played hookie for the first time as a kindergartener! The only reason Mom and Dad even knew that I was supposed to be in school was because we ran into a mom of a boy in my class. Oops! I guess we’ll have to read those school calendars a bit more carefully.

So, before I post some of those family pictures (and I will definitely post them because we got some good ones), I wanted to show you our annual porch pictures. I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen this year but we managed to squeeze it in.

Me and My Mama

Until next time . . .


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