Gingerbread Houses

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of the season we made our traditional gingerbread house. This year was a bit disappointing because the gingerbread house already came put together. I know, right. I mean, who wants a house that is already put together. All we were able to construct was the tree. It was kind of boring. Not only that but the gingerbread did not taste very good at all. I think next year we may go ahead and make our own gingerbread so that we avoid what happened this year. Although the kits are nice because you get a variety of candy in small little packages. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see next year.16 I also made a gingerbread house at school. This one was made out of graham crackers and my teacher told me that the icing was edible so I didn’t think I could eat it. I guess she only told us that so we wouldn’t start eating it right away without decorating our houses. I ended up making a firehouse and a fire engine. I was pretty impressed with my building skills!IMG_7911 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7915 IMG_7916IMG_7917Until next time . . .


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