New Family Members

IMG_0077Hi everyone,

I hope I didn’t make you wonder when you saw the title of this post. I just wanted to tell you about Mom and Dad’s new bikes and it seems like with as much as we ride them they should be considered members of our family.

Mom and Dad have had the same bikes for the past 14 years and those bikes have gotten them many miles. They’ve talked about getting new bikes for the past few years (well, really since Dad went to Saudi) but have just not found the right time to buy. For some reason, now became the right time.

I guess I shouldn’t say for no reason. The plan is to ride the coast of California this summer. If that is going to happen then we probably need some new bikes. This led to researching a great bike for touring, which led to looking at bikes and trying them out, which led to realizing that the biggest sales are now which is in the off season, and you know the rest.

We rode them around for a few days before realizing that they definitely needed fenders. We were covered in mud and wetness with the winter riding around here. New fenders, and then new seats, and then new bag racks, and then new water bottle holders, and  . . . you see a trend, right. It’s crazy how you change one thing, the thing being the bike, and all the other things have to be changed out too.

And in case you didn’t know, Mom met her mileage goal she set for 2012!! Her goal was 1,500 miles and she squeaked out 1,512 before the ball dropped at midnight. The last few miles were ridden on the new bikes so it was kind of a fun transition from one year to the next.

A little celebration at Starbucks!IMG_0072Until next time . . .


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