Grandparent’s Day

Hi everyone,

Last week my school honored our grandparents and one of mine was able to make it to the luncheon my school held! I was pretty excited, in case you couldn’t tell. While getting ready for school in the morning, Mom suggested that I wear a button up shirt and a nice pair of jeans and I told her I already had my outfit planned: long sleeved white shirt and a tie. Woohoo, snazzy dresser!

IMG_8268IMG_8269The first stop was visiting my classroom to show her where my brain does all that hard work. Then we headed down to the gym where our luncheon was actually going to take place.

IMG_8272 All of our grandparents sat with us and we ate a lunch of English muffin pizzas and fruit. It wasn’t super filling but I was super excited because we had just had English muffin pizzas for the first time a few days before and I really enjoyed them.

Happy grandparent’s day to all my grandparents! I love you very much!

Until next time . . .


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