Mini Vaca

Hi everyone,

We went on a little mini vaca a few weeks ago. Mom and Dad wanted to just get away from home for a night and Mom wanted to check out the state history museum for a future field trip. Why not combine the two? We weren’t exactly going to be vacationing in the mecca of fun and excitement, but we found a hotel with an indoor pool (and that seems like a feat in the particular state we live in).

I really enjoyed myself because I finally got a chance to do a little doggie paddling. Yes, Mom and Dad are signing me up for swim lessons next month but it hasn’t happened yet. Until then I just have to find ways to have fun in the pool and doggie paddling was it this time. Dad always gets super freaked out about me around water so hopefully these future lessons will ease his mind and boundaries in future swim sessions.



Doggie paddling across the 3 foot deep section!


Pleased as punch with myself!

Preparing for my jump . . .


Ready . . .


. . . Set . . .




And, pleased as punch again.

    Until next time . . .


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