Easter Eggs

Hi everyone,

It’s not too late to talk about Easter, is it? We decided to dye eggs at the last minute. Mom tried a new method this year and instead of hard boiling eggs she baked them in the oven. How crazy is that? Baking eggs in the oven to hard boil them? It seemed to have worked. All were hard cooked and they came out with these really cool brown speckling.

IMG_8428Of course, upon further reflection we figured that it is most likely chicken poop and grosso that made the speckling. Especially since it all washed off. Ewwwww!


Watching Dad dying a few eggs.


Now it’s my turn!


Even mom got in on the decorating, too!

Easter morning was super exciting! I had a basket with some sweets and some treats. I was pretty stoked to see a model helicopter. I could barely wait to get working on it with Dad.IMG_8433 IMG_8436


I look a bit goofy here but that’s because I’m doing a “lick my lips suck in kind of thing” that I do when I think something is delicious.

Until next time . . .


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