Hunting for Eggs

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking my posts may turn into photo montage’s because it seems to take a bit to actually pen a few words to go along with them. Who knew it would take so much time?

So, Dad went out and hid my eggs for hunting. He did a pretty good job. He hid the colored egg somewhere that matched the color. You’ll have to see the pictures to see what I mean.

IMG_8475IMG_8446IMG_8449 IMG_8451 IMG_8456Do you see that blue egg I just walked by? I’m glad you do, because I couldn’t seem to see it no matter how many times I walked by. Mom even got down on the opposite side of the play structure and was talking to me through the wood slats and I still couldn’t see it.

IMG_8458IMG_8459 IMG_8464

IMG_8469IMG_8471 IMG_8472Until next time . . .


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