California Coast Adventures – Day 1 to 4

Day 1 – June 20

001These are our sole possessions for the next 8 weeks, give or take a few items. It definitely looks like a lot of gear but really isn’t when you think about a family of 3 on the road for 8 weeks.

Our trip started out with a bang! First flat tire discovered while walking the bikes out of the hotel room to start on our trek. Flat tire = 1

008We started at the Oregon/California border (yes, we had to take the obligatory picture like everyone else who was driving by the sign). It was a pretty easy ride for the first 25 miles. Unfortunately that lulled us into thinking it would be smooth sailing the whole way.

Once we hit mile 25 we started the climb. Or maybe I should say THE CLIMB. It was intense! Probably our second largest climb of the entire trip and it was on the first day after riding for 25 miles. We literally ended up stopping every quarter to half mile after a while just because our legs needed the break after slogging up the elevation. There may have been a drop or two of moisture that squeezed out of my eyes in sheer despair.

It was so torturous that we decided to change our destination to 12 miles further down the road just so we didn’t have to descend another 2.2 miles down into the campsite to climb back up the elevation we covered.

Day 2 – June 21

The second day started out great! Beautiful blue skies and the promise of riding through the redwoods. Who can complain about these views!018023055058Huge redwoods, rolling hills (some pretty steep ups again but great downs), and getting to the campsite a few miles earlier than we expected equaled a great day!

Day 3 – June 22

Our third day started out with flat tire #2. Not a great way to start out our day but now that the tube has been changed we’ll hopefully have less flats.

074Leaving the campground we were treated with seeing a small herd of elk. We thought it was strange that we saw 6 or 7 males with full antlers and not many females, but then we came upon a group of females and babies a little further down the road.

076079More hill slogging, more beautiful coastline and forests. We had a bit of a headwind so that made it a bit more challenging.

We rolled into camp and there were already a few backpackers and bikers with their camps set up. There seems to be two different types of camps. Some people just out adventuring while others are homeless and just out on the road. It’s been interesting to say the least.

124126Day 4 – June 23

We started out day 4 with a bit of rain. Instead of staying and getting wet we packed things up quickly and decided to eat breakfast in Trinidad, our first meal out. It was tasty and filled us up (a little too full since it’s never fun to bike with a full belly).

134138We met a local biker and he showed us the way to our hotel using side roads and trails so we were able to get off 101. The headwind was absolutely brutal! Mind you, the book that we have been reading to prepare us has talked all about how you want to go north to south (which is what we are doing) so that you have a tailwind pushing you along. So much for the tailwind. Our local guide told us that it was unusual to have such a strong headwind but there was a storm system moving in for these next couple of days. Yahoo for us.

So far: total roadkill count = 7 (3 possums, 2 skunks, 2 crows – I know you really wanted to know that), total flat count = 2. We’ll see which number is higher when we end this journey.


3 thoughts on “California Coast Adventures – Day 1 to 4

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Thanks for “taking” us all along. I love following stuff like this. I’ve been praying for safety and amazing memories to be made!

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