California Coast Adventures – Day 5

Day 5 – June 24

Why is it that I would sleep worse in a hotel than in a sleeping bag on the ground? Not sure about that one. It was nice having a pool, hot tub, and breakfast already prepared for us but it sure seemed like the hotel was almost more work than a campsite. We ended up unpacking everything after the bit of rain the previous day so that things could dry out.

001We stopped off at a local bakery for some birthday breakfast goodies and then hit the road. The scenic route proved to be fun but from the start that headwind was back in full force. What should have been us rolling along at 10-12 mph was really us pushing hard to go 5-7 mph. It really starts to wear on you after a while.

We got off onto an alternate route as soon as we could and the quiet back roads were so much better. A word to the wise though, when you stop for a potty break on a quiet, side road make sure you check the area for stinging nettles before you pull your shorts down. Just sayin’.

004The one highlight of our alternate route was stopping off at a small cheese factory. We sampled to our heart’s content and then bought a small loaf to have with some crackers. Yummy!

Soon after our cheese tasting break we were so ready for our ride to be done for the day. Our 29 mile day turned into a 37 mile day. By the end we stumbled into a Starbucks for a well-deserved treat and googled how much further it was to our campsite. Just a half mile down the road, whew!

We upgraded our campsite to a cute little cabin. Heat, a hot tub, a hot shower, and pizza delivered made the birthday evening more enjoyable.

006And just cause I know you want to know, the roadkill count is up to 10 (added today were 2 raccoons and a vulture) and the flat tire count is still sitting at 2.

And this is for Ron. He thought the juxtaposition of the sign and the road were humorous.


One thought on “California Coast Adventures – Day 5

  1. Yeay for birthday Starbucks, cabins and pizza delivered…and of course Ron’s quirky sense of humor. 🙂 HA! Safe and happy adventures to come for you three!

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