California Coast Adventure – Day 14

Day 14 – July 3

Pretty much just pics from these past few days. We have been spending our time biking and seeing the city so there hasn’t been a lot of time to type up blog posts.

More rolling country side and a lot of cattle farms through this section.006Cute fawns! Pretty sure that people were feeding them because they were going to one place in particular.013Our lovely campsite for the night. We had another late night visit from a raccoon. It was about 3am and he decided that our tortillas smelled really good. He made a bunch of noise trying to reach into our trailer to get them. He managed to get his skinny little arm in but couldn’t reach down and pull them up through the opening. Ron got out, sent him running, moved the tortillas, and went for a bathroom break. I thought the rustling around was Ron but it was actually the raccoon who went to the other side of the trailer to try again. This time all he had to do was reach up into the trailer and pull the tortillas out. The “fix” actually made it easier for him to get them. Oh well, who needed 7 tortillas anyway. 014 Working on one more of his inventions. Has to draw out what he’s been talking about ALL  DAY LONG on the bike ride.015Update on the counts: roadkill is up to 19 (a bird – maybe a sparrow, two indistinguishable animals, and another skunk) and the flat tire count still sits at 3.


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