California Coast Adventure – Day 15

Day 15 – July 4

We were all pretty excited to start out our ride on this Day of Independence! We had been putting in some long days recently so we could reach San Francisco by July 4th. Drawn not only by the promise of fun and fireworks but also a hefty price tag on a hotel room.

017We did a quick pack up of our gear and got breakfast along the road in a little town. It has been so fun stopping into the local markets. Small towns seem so much nicer and they are curious and talk to us about our trip. Big city people seem so much more aloof and snooty. It’s kind of funny to see the difference and to think about what type of person you want to be known as.

020I know I mentioned in an earlier post that these guys have been our constant companions this trip. I couldn’t resist getting a picture of this guy warming his wings in the morning sun. Look at that red head and the curved beak! So awesome looking!

022We ended up stopping in a smallish town about 15 miles north of San Fran so we could catch a 4th of July parade. We were all pretty excited as we waited for it to start, but we kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally it got started and it was a pretty long route. By about 3/4 of the way through we parents were wishing we had just kept going because it felt like it was never going to end and we would have rather been in San Francisco by then. Oh well, sacrifices for the kiddo, right. (Here are just a few pics of what the boys enjoyed.)

025041 026I think the highlight of the day was riding over the Golden Gate Bridge. Squweeeee!! I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how windy it would be up there and we’ve had some pretty bad winds on this trip that make it hard to control the front tire of the bike with the weight of the bags on it. It was really no problem. Isaac looked forward to it our whole journey down but when you ask him he will tell you he was scared to death. He felt like he was going to be blown off the bike. Funny how we switched places!

We took a gazillion pictures so these are just a few of the highlights.

057059061062Isaac begged me to take a picture of the cargo ship going under the bridge. He supervised the shooting letting me know when it was just right to take the picture.071No road kill today and no flat tires! And reaching San Francisco marked one third of our total distance for this trip. We were just a few miles shy of 450 when we rolled into town!


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