California Coast Adventure – Days 17 to 21

July 6 – Day 17

In San Francisco we read up on this yummy treat so knowing its history made it that much funner to eat. It’s kind of like an ice cream sandwich but it’s particular to San Francisco. Different flavors of ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies then dipped in chocolate. “It’s It”.

298July 7 – Day 18

This tunnel became kind of infamous for us. No one seemed to be able to tell us whether bikes could go through the tunnel. You see, our bicycling the coast book is 10 years old so some of it is not exactly current. When we got to this point in our book we were supposed to do one of the most dangerous sections of the coast called “Devil’s Slide”. We knew from google that there was now a tunnel but no one, not even the people who lived here, not even the police, could tell us about it. Turns out that Hwy 1 at Devil’s Slide is closed so we didn’t even have to worry about it. The tunnel has a sidewalk, a huge bike lane, and a lane for cars. No sweat.


Another flat tire, number 4. For some reason it seems to be Ron’s bike that is getting the majority of the flats.010

Sunbathing seals. Ron spotted them laying on the rocks a good distance out.012July 8 – Day 19

Olallieberry, ever heard of it? We hadn’t either, but the ollalieberry pie was really, really good.

015Took some time to enjoy the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and the Boardwalk. The boys went on a few roller coasters while I watched over the bikes. We then tried the deep fried artichokes that are abundant in this area, but we seemed to have missed the chocolate covered bacon.021July 9 – Day 20

A short ride day gave us time to enjoy the beach, see some local wildlife, and the chance to have our very first campfire. Can you believe it, 19 days out and no campfire! Unfortunately we couldn’t roast brats or smores because we didn’t want to carry around the “makings” of them for days on end. 025 027 029July 10 – Day 21

030Roadkill count for this part = 16!!! (2 fawns, 1 raccoon, 3 possums, 2 hawks, 4 birds, 2 squirrel, 1 unknown, and 1 squirrel dangling from the mouth of an excited kitty running back home with his catch), so that brings us to a grand total of 35 animals so far on our trip/flat tire count – 4 total (had one more in this stretch).

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