San Francisco Adventures

You know when you feel the need to take a vacation after your vacation? We felt like that after San Francisco, like we needed another few rest days from our rest day.

Right after we pulled into our hotel we got cleaned up and started our tourist activities. First stop, cable car. The first one we tried to ride had been taken off line so we had to walk over a couple of blocks. The line up of people was incredibly long! I guess everyone in San Francisco on the 4th wanted to ride the cable car too. It was worth the wait though.

076086Second taxi ride, but first memorable one. The streets our driver took us on were so steep it was almost like going to the top of a roller coaster and then rolling over the top.

089The F-Line, an electric bus that was made up like an old town trolley. Even though this was public transit it had a much different crowd than the transit bus we rode multiple times that day to and from the bike shop.291We didn’t even take a picture of the transit bus we rode all day. I don’t think we ever want to see that transit bus again. Definitely saw the other side of San Francisco, away from the tourist part, but it was worth it because the bike shop seems to have fixed my bike. YES!!

On to some of the food. We had to try fish and chips and we wandered upon this just down the street from our hotel. We had read about it on yelp so we were happy to try it. Not so happy that the wait was over an hour after waiting in line to give your order and we didn’t get our food until after the fireworks at 10pm. It sure was good though!

092125275292On to a few more of our activities. We found a spot to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately we were in two different places because Ron was still waiting for our fish and chips while we were scouting out a spot. They set them off in two different spots on the bay so we were both able to see them from where we were.


The infamous Lombard Street. Still can’t believe the steepness of the streets around San Francisco. WAY steeper than Seattle even which amazed me. We couldn’t believe the line of cars waiting to drive down Lombard Street.117121122 One of the many waits for our transit bus, after the bike was fixed. Wait, wait, wait.130

The boys toured the Pomponito, a WWII submarine.281


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