California Coast Adventures – Days 22 to 26

Day 22 – July 11

Even though we were on the road we had to get our free slurpees!


Our first chance to see harbor seals close up. The boy and I could have stood watching them for hours. The one on the left was pretty territorial forcing the other one to move further away from it and its rock.003004

Our stay in Monterey was one of the most interesting campground experiences yet. It was really an encampment for semi-permanent (aka homeless) residents and it definitely did not have the same feel as the other parks we stayed at. At least we weren’t there a few nights later when some bikers who came after us told us that the police had come through three times in one night shaking tents and looking for someone. Yikes!

Day 23 – July 12

This section of the route marked the section where we were going to be doing some big climbs again going into the Big Sur area. There were some climbs but we were either stronger or psyched up because it really wasn’t too difficult. I kept trying to remind myself that this would be the marathon I would be doing next spring (except in reverse) so to pay attention. I guess I didn’t need to pay that close of attention because I won’t be running it. The thing sold out 59 minutes after opening for registrations and I didn’t have access to the internet. I’m sure my knees will be thanking me come next April.008009011012Day 24 – July 13

More climbing and more beautiful views! We were able to see a pod of dolphins (I still think they were whales since we could see them so far away) but everyone else swears they were dolphins.015020022Day 25 – July 14

Fun at the campground! We took an extra rest day since we actually covered mileage in two days that was meant to be covered in three. Didn’t find any sand dollars on the beach but we did find a squishy dead sea otter. How do we know it was squishy? Isaac stepped on it without knowing it was there and then Ron had to investigate further and saw a little paw in the sand. If only I could put a sad face icon on here.


Some of our neighbors caught some fish so the boys watched them get gutted and cleaned. Isaac got a hoot out of one of the fish flopping around while his friend got the knife. Mom didn’t think it was so funny and retired to our campsite to read.026028

And now the boy wants a ukulele for Christmas! One of the campers let him strum on his ukulele and then Isaac decided to join him in a duet using his plastic flute. Quite the concert!032

Day 26 – July 15

You could hear their barking from far away so we knew they were there. It took a fine eye to seem though because they were out aways on some rocks. There were actually quite a few of them spread over the three different rocks, well really two different rocks and then the third rock just had one on it. We figured that one must have been feeling cranky that day.035

And this was the view from our lodging that night. Do you think that the view makes up for the fact that they didn’t have internet so I couldn’t register for the marathon I had been planning on for the past 6 months or so? It was a slight salve to the wound.037 045No road kill count here. I may have downloaded pictures at this point so we didn’t overload our camera but this stretch with no internet was the longest so far so the count continues.


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