California Coast Adventures – Days 27 to 32

Day 27 – July 16

These guys were soooo loud! We heard what sounded like burping so we had to go check it out. It really wasn’t burping, it was more like belching. Really loud belching! A grouping of elephant seals were hanging out, a few asleep on the beach but others out in the water swimming and some at the shore sparring.

008 011 015As we pedaled further down the road we came to a vista point where elephant seals like to hang out. It is called a rookery and they pepper the coastline on both sides of the lighthouse. These are all males, apparently the females are out doing their thing and the males are molting.017Great picture to show why they are called elephant seals!020These little guys were all over the place for the next few days. I know they look like the squirrels we have at home but they are actually ground squirrels. We are used to seeing them run up trees to get away from us but these guys run from hole to hole that they’ve dug in the ground, most next to the side of the road. He is a particularly fat one that just sat there eating and watching us while we watched the elephant seals.016Toward the end of our ride we caught a glimpse of Hearst Castle. In the first picture it might look like you can see it great from the road but if you look at the second picture that is really how far away it is. Can you see it there on the hillside in the grove of trees?023 024Day 28 – July 17

Just a few of the favorites. I would have loved to stay in this room! Who doesn’t like a loft bed? The first pic shows the bed and sitting area in the upper loft. The second pic shows the below area that was more sitting space as well as the armoire area, a spiral staircase leading up to the bed and your own private bathroom directly below.067 071I don’t know that I would have wanted to cook for this many people!112More like you were entering a church instead of a home.076Definitely would have tolerated a swim in this pool. Most guests used this one instead of the indoor pool because the indoor area wasn’t as finished so it didn’t draw many of the guests to it. It was so beautiful though and amazing in its own right that I can’t believe it didn’t get used much.084 089 Day 29 – July 18

Morro Rock which sits right in front of the wharf for Morro Bay was huge. We had just eaten lunch in the town prior to Morro Bay, but we still waited in line at Giovanni’s to get a piece of halibut and a piece of cod. We also purchased some Rock crab for dinner that night.

182 183 185187Have you been introduced to this little character yet? I can’t believe in the 800 miles we’ve already covered on our trip he hasn’t made an appearance before this. His name is Magnetic and he has been an enthusiastic passenger throughout this journey. His magnetic hands and feet give him the advantage of riding a bike in a very interesting manner and he allows for great fun once we get to our campsite.031Here Isaac has constructed a zip line using 550 cord and is transporting his cars across using Magnetic as the transporter. Pretty inventive.186

Day 30 – July 19

We made quite the side trip to have lunch and purchase our dinner on this day. Both of these restaurants were recommended to us as “must do” while in San Luis Obispo or even just driving through San Luis Obispo and if you know anything about us you know that we live for good food.

We had to stop and ask about 6 different people for directions to confirm that we were going the right way because it felt like we were going so far off of our route. Our last direction giver was a firefighter who was very obliging, even offering use of the firehouse if we needed to go to the bathroom or freshen up or whatever. He gave great directions and we figured we would never see him again. Little did we know that there would be a medical call for the amtrak station right across from the restaurant we were eating at and he would be hopping back in the truck right after we finished our meal and were getting ready to head out. Small world.

Cafe Roma really did have some of the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten.188 We figured we should probably stop by the mission since we were only about a half mile away. We walked through it but since we are not Catholic and don’t really know all the history of it we didn’t make it a long stop. 190Enjoying the dinner we purchased from the other “best place to eat”, Gus’s sandwich shop. They were tasty, especially after a long day of riding. (By the way, do you see the slurpee cup in the background? That was my reward for winning the “most quiet” contest on the road that day. It helps that I don’t have a 6 year old attached to the back of my bike but I just edged Ron out to win.) 194Day 31 – July 20

We are officially in Southern California. It is much hotter and drier than in the North and Central sections (go figure).195 200This was one of our viewpoints on top of some ridges looking out into the middle of nowhere. We had no idea where we were or how we needed to get where we were going. We followed some road signs instead of our cycling book which took us a round about way to Vandenberg AFB. We thought we went about 7 miles out of our way but found out that it really was the same mileage as we would have done just a different side of the mountain range. We may have climbed more elevation but who knows, in the end we made it and we were glad we had an extra day to relax.201Day 32 – July 21

Soaking up some sun at the pool. The sunshine was not enough to do away with the incredible tan lines we have all acquired so far.

214 215I am amazed to type that we are exactly one month into our trip and we’ve traveled 800 miles so far! We have two weeks of pedaling left until we reach our final destination.

Our road kill count was pretty high since we had so many days on the road. We have 24 to add, bringing our grand total to 59. I won’t go into too much detail since it is mostly the usual suspects, but I will mention that for the first time we saw two foxes and a large snake. Our flat tire count still sits at 4.


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