California Coast Adventure – Days 33 to 35

Day 33 – July 22

Ron and Isaac saw a very large, pink moon in the sky but by the time they got back to the tent and grabbed the camera it was already almost completely behind the clouds. After leaving the relaxing atmosphere of the air force base we headed past a federal penitentiary and into Lompoc. It’s always a bit unnerving to have warning signs about rattlesnakes and mountain lions when you are tent camping. 002Day 34 – July 23

Our campsite at Refugio would have been absolutely perfect if the wind hadn’t been so strong in the evening. Morning was perfectly calm, but we ended up going into our tent fairly early in the evening just to get out of the wind. It sure was a gorgeous palm-lined beach.005 006Day 35 – July 24

We cycled into Santa Barbara and our first destination was to Mac’s Fish and Chips. We saw this restaurant on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and we knew we wanted to check it out on our trip. We ordered authentic British fish and chips, an order of Toad in the Hole, and a Deep-Fried Cadbury Boost.

We just happened to meet up with another cyclist we had camped with about 4 days earlier up in Morro Bay. He saw our bikes and recognized them and came to say good-bye before he headed back to New Zealand that night. It’s been fun to meet others along the way. We now have a connection in New Zealand for when we fly across the pond.007 008 009

This particular wharf wasn’t the most exciting, in fact it was downright jarring. If you had any loose fillings they would have been jostled out by the large uneven beams that the wharf was made out of.010

Our boy ordered himself a “fancy, schmansy drink”. It was really just cranberry juice but it came out looking like a foo-foo drink. He was a little uncertain seeing the lime stuck on the top of the glass but he was soon reassured it was “normal”.011Our roadkill count is up 17 critters for a total of 76. It’s really very sad because this stretch had a lot of beautiful birds (all of them are sad, but the birds feathers are absolutely gorgeous) and quite a few hawks and an owl were among the numbers. There was also a very teeny tiny bat. Our flat tire count is still at 4.


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