California Coast Adventure – Days 36 to 40

Day 36 – July 25

Let me just preface this section with the fact that we stopped a lot today for food. By a lot I don’t mean a lot of food because we usually share little things which give us a chance to have a sample, but we stopped a lot of times.

We headed out of Santa Barbara and were happy to stay off the main highway and meander through small suburbs. Motel 6 didn’t offer anything besides coffee (for goodness sake they didn’t even offer shampoo, just one mint sized bar of soap to wash with) so we stopped at a cafe a local postman recommended. It had great sandwiches! Just around the corner was a bakery with all sorts of delectable treats. We had to get a little something for later, of course. Hey, at least we didn’t visit the ice cream shop too (at least not yet).

We did come to an ice cream place a little further down the road in Montecito but it wasn’t open yet. Too bad. The next little town advertised ice cream but really just had sundaes in a sit down restaurant. Can you follow the path we were on?

As we started through Carpinteria we passed a small Mexican restaurant, turned around and went back where we had a chicken tamale and a few Mexican pastries. We crossed the street and bought cupcakes from a cupcakery for later. We rode down the street and  had ice cream. Then we bought three small street tacos to try those out. Seriously, today seemed all about food.

We were surprised that we had already reached our destination. It’s always pleasant when we get to where we are going earlier than we think. We were also excited that they were playing an outdoor movie that night at the park where we were staying. Isaac was excited because it was Finding Nemo.007We joked about how we could have been camping out in our own backyard being right on the train tracks. The only negative were the ants who kept crawling all over our stuff (even in our tent). Ick! 004Day 37 – July 26

Tried to pack up with as few ants on board as possible! We ended up having our second longest ride of the trip. The place where we were planning to stop after 25 miles wasn’t open. Still flooded with some possible sewage overflow so we were fine with continuing on. Unfortunately the next campground was 21 miles further down the road. While biking our 46 miles we still managed to stop and have some fun. Imagine that!00940 miles into our 46 miles we had a flat. Bummer.012Day 38 – July 27

It’s great when you happen upon places that have so many people you know it has to be good. This particular place had a sign stating that there were only 35 motorcycle parking spots. Really, only 35? And you have a security guard on site? It’s gotta be good.014We really didn’t have far to ride today so we actually spent some time at the beach. This beach was a mix of rocks and smooth sand and Isaac had to go “play tag” with the waves.015Who can leave out a cute seagull?017

This is Isaac’s version of Hearst Castle.019Day 39 – July 28

For much of our riding today we were constantly floored by the wealth that we saw portrayed along the coast. I mean, holy cow, what do these people do to make this kind of money? Houses right on the ocean, often times built on stilts, or maybe high up on the cliff side. They have to cost 10 to 20 times what our house costs. Along with these houses come the luxury cars. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many Porsche’s or Mercedez’s in such a short area.

The 25 mile beach bike path was awesome! Every beach had some type of a pier. One had a free aquarium. It was small but we enjoyed seeing the fish and eels swimming around. 033More food! I won’t be surprised if we come back weighing the same as when we left even though we’ll have biked 1,100 miles. This was another place we saw on a Food Network show. It was a bar so we weren’t able to eat inside. Cheap cheeseburger and pretty tasty.

032042Two nights in a row in a hotel. Woohoo! This was our 90 mile stretch of no public camping so we were kind of forced to find other lodging. And just to verify that we didn’t rent a car to finish the trip here are our bikes in all their glory.  044Day 40 – July 29

We were planning to eat at Ruby’s in Huntington Beach (another Food Network showcase) but some locals told us to go to the Superman restaurant. The Superman restaurant? Do you know the name? No, just go the restaurant with the big Superman out front. You can’t miss it. Well, we didn’t miss it.048047We only shared a BLT and a milkshake but we walked away feeling absolutely bloated. Big portions indeed. Never a good feeling to get on your bike and pedal when you feel like a beached whale.

Our roadkill count is only up by 2 for a total of 78. I guess getting into the more populated areas has lessened the wildlife. Our flat tire count is also up by 1 for a total of 5 flats.


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