California Coast Adventure – Days 41 to 45

Day 41 – July 30

002Typical marine layer for the morning. Typical waves with surfers. Not typical park rangers. Have you ever heard of those people who don’t seem to have common sense? The guy working the booth was one of those.

We showed up at 3:15pm. I guess this park doesn’t let hike and bikers in until 4:00pm. “I’m sorry but I can’t check you in until 4:00pm. You’ll have to come back then. You can go sit over in the park and then come back at 4:00pm.” Okay, not a big deal. “Oh, and you’ll all need ID. Does he have ID (pointing to Isaac)?” “Um, no, he doesn’t have photo ID.” “Oh, yeah, I guess he wouldn’t. Ha Ha. (pause) Is he yours? Cause you know any minor has to be accompanied by his parent.” Um, no. We found him along the way and decided to buy a trail-a-bike and bring him along. Of course he’s ours!005Day 42 – July 31

Beautiful view! Too bad we ate our snack right next to the dumpster about 40 feet over not knowing the view was there until we continued on our path.007I know it looks like this is a picture of a bunch of trailers but it is really showing you that we are one row away from the beach. It was pretty beautiful.009You don’t see that every day! Amphibious vehicles driving through the campsite. We were on Camp Pendleton and they still conduct training exercises in the water and on the beaches. They had one of their vehicles break down so they ended up using another to tow it.

011014Day 43 – August 1

San Elijo! Our last stop before San Diego! We were pretty stoked. And even though we didn’t have a picnic table at our site, who can complain with these views. This was from the tent, right on the water at the end of the campground where no one else was. Peaceful!020027We had time to go for a walk on the beach. It was great! There were multiple staircases up to the top of the bluff and as you walked down the beach the staircases increased in size. We just happened to pick the tallest staircase to go up. 124 stairs in all, not terrible.016 017025Day 44 – August 2

I am disappointed I didn’t get a better picture of these guys. We saw so many pelicans and they are the coolest birds! There were a bunch in a waterway that we sat and watched divebomb fish. It was amazing!028Day 45 – August 3

We almost made it the entire trip incident free. Can you believe that 10 miles from the Mexico border we had our first incident? It wasn’t major but it warranted a stop and a band-aid and a snack. Ron and Isaac’s bike tires got stuck in a trolley track embedded in our lane of travel and Ron was able to catch himself while he was falling off the bike but Isaac didn’t know what was happening so he went down on all 4’s on the asphalt. He wasn’t a happy camper with the chunk  of skin hanging off his palm. And wouldn’t you know that it was the one day that we didn’t have our first aid kit with us because we left all our gear at the room so we could travel lighter? Thank goodness there was a hotel across the street so we were able to beg a band-aid from them.029WE MADE IT!!! It was a bit surreal to have reached our final destination. It kind of felt just like any other day. 038 041030We took the trolley home from the border. It was a fairly long trip but it saved us from having to ride 44 miles that day! 044046 So here are some of our stats:

Total miles ridden: 1,246

Total days ridden: 41

Total road kill count: 90 (we had 12 more in this last stretch – 5 of the 12 being on the short stretch of Camp Pendleton)

Total flat tire count: 5 (not bad for 1,246 miles)

Total items lost: 1 water bottle and 2 pairs of sunglasses (all three belonged to the youngest member of our family – he made it all the way to San Clemente without losing anything and then 1 pair of glasses and the water bottle got left outside a coffee shop when he was too worked up about an 18 wheeler blocking the train track when a train was coming)

That isn’t it for our California adventures. Stay tuned to see our visit to the USS Midway, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo!


One thought on “California Coast Adventure – Days 41 to 45

  1. Amazing accomplishment! I would love to have done something like this. It has been fun watching your journey. Can’t wait to see y’all again.

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